How do I receive free adult incontinence products in Cincinnati?

Fly & Dry Basic Needs Bank provides free incontinence supplies to registered social service organizations and government agencies (such as schools) that are helping families in need through comprehensive programs and services. We distribute this way because we’ve found this ensures our supplies reach those who need them most. It also provides partnering organizations with a resource – incontinence supplies – they are not normally able to provide, increasing the services they can offer. By working with organizations that are already well established in the community and currently working with families in need, Fly & Dry ensures that the donations collected are distributed in the most efficient and timely way possible to folks who need them most.

For a variety of reasons, we cannot distribute adult incontinence products directly to families.

If you would like to receive free adult incontinence products on an ongoing basis, connect with one of our local partner agencies.

Where do I receive incontinence products?

If you are currently signed up to receive products from Fly & Dry through one of our partner agencies, your contact there will coordinate your distribution each month. 

We do not distribute incontinence products directly from our warehouse.