Discrete Care & Support

Urinary incontinence is a fairly common condition, affecting over 13 million people and over half of all seniors in the U.S. But for folks with limited income, it can be a struggle to purchase incontinence briefs. We aim to provide these free products through our partner agencies because we believe all seniors in our community should have the chance to manage their health with dignity and respect. 

Old and young hands.

Some people are eligible to receive incontinence supplies through Medicaid. For folks who aren’t, these supplies are not covered by assistance like SNAP, leaving many adults in need struggling. 

Fly and Dry mascot, Owlie McBreezy!

Why is a basic needs bank necessary in Cincinnati?

We exist because basic needs aren’t basic–they’re essential. When adults experiencing incontinence don’t have the supplies they need to feel happy, healthy, safe, and dignified, their quality of life greatly suffers. They may not be able to reliably go to work, or fully participate in all aspects of life outside their home. For seniors especially, this can lead to isolation and depression, compounded by the added stress of very limited or fixed income. We’re here to deliver dignity discretely and reliably through our partner agencies each month.


Making A Difference In Greater Cincinnati

Our dedicated volunteers put together discreet packages of incontinence supplies for our clients each month. We couldn’t deliver on our mission of restoring dignity and health to adults in our community without their hard work. We have ongoing volunteer spots available at our warehouse in Lower Price Hill–can’t wait to see you there!